"Insider Traffic Secrets The Big Shot Gurus Refuse To Expose... So We Are"

From Lance Tamashiro and Jason ParkerWednesday, October 18, 2017

Dear Traffic Famished Marketer,

Have you ever been drunk with exhaustion and still didn't see any real traffic flowing in from your hard work?

You did everything the gurus told you to do to a tee and still nothing.

Maybe it's because they taught you things they don't actually do themselves?

And they hold back the "good stuff?"

We personally know that's the truth... 

We could tell you a number of guys off the top of our heads who teach how to do a lot of different things and all they really do is spend thousands of dollars on CPA leads every month.

And It's A Shame Because...

You know traffic is the lifeblood of any online business.

As they say, Traffic = Money.

If you don't generate the kind that'll hand you money, then your business is dead in the water.

And we want to show you how to get a whole lot of it... free and fast.

We're not going to leave you in the dark. 

We Know What It's Like Working Yourself Into A Coma And Yet Still Have Nothing To Show For All Your Hard Work And The Faith You Put Into The Strategies

You wasted months of your life just to make enough money to maybe... just maybe... pay the waste management bill!

Now that's freakin frustrating isn't it?

It's sad how gurus still teach things that worked for them 7 YEARS AGO.

They assume it all still works as they've moved onto newer strategies they can throw money at.

Yet these old strategies have become the industry standard.

Well, we don't believe that's OK and we're putting our foot down now.


We used to secretly feel jealous of other marketers who seemed to effortlessly attract free traffic like a magnet and still had time to chat in forums 4 hours a day...

All the while knowing all we needed was to know what's REALLY working.

Fastforward to today...

With the traffic strategies we use, we're not millionaires, but we're able to make thousands of dollars per month and live life on our own terms.

What's Our Secret?

In a nutshell:  Avoiding crummy traffic streams and blowing open the floodgates to profitable ones.

Because truth is that's all that matters when it comes to traffic...

Anyone can drive 1,000s of hits to their sites every day almost effortlessly from poor countries that don't buy things.  Honestly.

Just take a look at those lame traffic packages hardworking marketers fall for all the time. 

The Amount Of Traffic Does NOT Matter Compared To The Quality Of The Traffic Source

Getting high quality traffic is a whole new world we want to show you.

You can just get trickles of this high quality traffic and it'll be worth more to you than a whole heaping of crummy traffic.

Just because it came from the RIGHT high quality sources!

And imagine if you could take the next step and funnel a whole lot of that type of traffic to your websites.

Check Out The US Alexa Rankings For Some Of Our Websites... 1 Sales Page, 2 Blogs, And 1 Lead Capture Site

Introducing Free Traffic Fast

Length: 1 Hour & 40 Minutes

We have some traffic tricks you can use whenever you want to blast any type of website with hungry buyers.

Here's what happened...

We jumped on the phone and had a serious talk about all the BS traffic strategies being pushed around the net then decided to do something about it. 

We hand-selected some of our best traffic secrets and packed them all inside this new video called "Free Traffic Fast."

These strategies will work whether you have an old site or you're starting from scratch.

Clever Tricks Many Marketers Won't Discuss

I have ordered a couple of Lance's training materials and I have always came away with at least one or two awesome techniques that I could implement basically immediately.

The free traffic training was amazing and presented some really clever tricks that not many marketers really discuss.

If I would have to rate my skill level, I would say i'm about an intermediate level marketer now, and while this particular training did cover some newbie techniques, it also covered some really powerful intermediate techniques that I have never seen before.

Without a doubt, this will change the way I do business in my niches.

Even if he charged $97 for this, I still would have been pleased because the two techniques I learned are going to be making me WAY more than that.

Summary: buy it!

-Daniel Brock

Inside Free Traffic Fast You'll Discover...

  • The #1 traffic stream you must have in place to generate free traffic whenever you feel like it and with around 7 minutes of work  ...as crazy as it sounds.
  • The #1 secret to getting others to promote your website as an affiliate. (Without being armed with this secret, trying to get affiliates will have you banging your head against a brick wall.)
  • 1 amazingly powerful Twitter traffic secret that hardly anyone uses or knows about that generates free viral traffic on autopilot right after you "install" it
  • Tricks for harnessing the power of Web 2.0 sites so you can rip their authority away from them and transfer it to your sites for quality search traffic
  • 2 viral traffic secrets that pound your websites with traffic on autopilot. Once you set them into motion, they go viral and do all the work for you.
  • How to "pick off" big buyers and funnel them to your websites! (Imagine small dribbles of traffic making you way more money than thousands of hits from Google search)
  • That's just the tip of the iceburg.  This video is 1 hour and 40 minutes long, and there are a lot more secret strategies we can't even begin to reveal on this page!

What Would That Info Be Worth To You?

If you use these strategies to pound your websites with high quality traffic starting now and for the rest of your career, how much would that be worth to you?

Considering you're generating the type of traffic that spends money, what's that worth?

Look.  We've been in the traffic game a while. 

There are sources of traffic others are telling you tap into that we wouldn't touch with a 10-foot pole. 

You're going to quit wasting your time with those type of sources and instead focus on the ones that send you people who spend money.

It's Time To Change The Way You Generate Traffic

By now you know how important it is to drive quality traffic to your sites... and that even a little bit of it can pay off more than 30,000 "Garbage Hits."

You don't even need a lot of this type of traffic to make good money!

In fact, you could build an entire business around just 1 of these strategies and you'd be set.

What Does It Cost?

We can't promise we won't break this video up into a 10-video course and sell it for $197 down the road.

Since we see the need for this information just about everywhere we look, we've decided to make it affordable.

Just $47.


Because any webmaster on any budget who's serious about their business can afford this. 


If you revisit this page and see that the price has rocketed to $97 or $197 once we break up the video into 10 videos, please don't email us and ask if you can get it for $47.

This is a no-fluff video with proven step-by-step strategies we personally use to drown our sites with traffic and rake in thousands of dollars per month.

Even though we're only asking for a measly $47, you'll want to treat it like gold.

Because these will be some of your go-to strategies for the rest of your career.

Try It Out For Free

Try it all out for 30 days at no risk.  See how it all works for you, how it changes the way you do business online.

If you're not 100% satisfied, just ask and you'll get a courteous, prompt, and full refund.  No questions asked. 

We'll even part friends.

Go ahead and click the happy "Add To Cart" button and order now. 

You'll have instant access and Download it all now, even if it's 3am.

Only $197 $97 $47!

Currently Closed

All the best,

Lance Tamashiro

Jason Parker

P.S. Thanks for your Order!  We'll see you on the other side.

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